Art x Science Project Shea

Project Shea wants to change the way future cities are designed and built so that it involves people, planet, and profit. In a unique collaboration of art and science, Project Shea will be organising an event on the 17th of July, from 5.00 – 7.00 pm. It will be a time of exploration, to understand what people in our community value the most, and how this has potentially changed in recent times.

Envisioning Future Cities

In June, the third set of regional community events were focused on letting the creative juices of our community flow! The aim of Envisioning our Future Cities was for the community to rally behind common goals and principles of future cities.

Audacity Virtual Open House

On the last Friday of every month, the Audacity community gets together for open discussions on our seed projects. While the physical space at Launchpad@JID is closed temporarily, we’d like to continue these conversations online. Come join us for a chit chat and to find out more about our seed projects.

Designing Future Cities

“How can i contribute and be involved as a community member?”
This was the question we set out to answer in our second set of regional community engagement events in May. A vibrant community is one where the members feel valued and have an area to contribute meaningfully.

Imagining Our Future City

We kicked off our very first set of regional online community events in the month of April! Imagining our Future Cities was aimed at introducing Project Shea to the Southeast Asian community and building the foundational community of individuals with an interest in the space.

Unlearn, Unlock, Unleash

As a diverse community of innovators, visionaries and entrepreneurs, we have the privilege to make possible, bold visions for future cities. We have been working on the hypothesis that rising oceans and decaying urban infrastructure will result in the creation of hundreds of new cities in the coming decades.