Shelter Challenge

Shelter Challenge

Eco-Adobe - Shelter Open Call

The current scenario of punishing cycles of unpredictable natural calamities, overcrowded conditions or lack of access to land and affordable housing poses people the risk of living with a constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear. The Eco-Abode shelter design challenge aims to address this situation and design a modular shelter that is affordable, compact, portable and promotes community living.


The shelter design should consider the local context and growth from unit to community-scale specific to the Southeast Asian Climate. Create your own scalable, self-sustaining, modular Eco-Abode which focuses on human-cenctric design supported by technology. The requirements of the solutions are listed below.


The chosen concept will be built
at Jurong Innovation District
(JID) in Singapore.


Open Category
with proof of concept


December 2020
June 2021
December 2021