Make Real Impact with Project Shea Challanges

This challenge aim to create scalable self sufficient water system in every household to reduce the energy and other resource required during water transportation.
example 69%

Drinking Water


Grey Water

64 %

Black Water

64 %

Black Water

This shelter challenge aim to address the uncertainly, stress and fear caused by unpredictable natural calamities, lack of access to land and affordable housing, and design a modular shelter that is afforable, compact, portable and motivates community living.

Recyling Materials

Construction Technology

This challenge is to create your own scalable, self-sustaining, modular ECO Abode with a human centric design driven by technology to meet stringent energy requirrments. The shelter must incorporate systems that are designed to achieve complete self-sufficiency in energy.

Energy Renewable

Energy Storage

Generation Energy

Energy Management

Passive Technology