Circular Economy

The Future City should use resources obtained from the natural environment efficiently and to subsequently reuse the remains as raw materials for the manufacturing process.

Current Issue

Many people are ill-informed about how to utilise resources efficiently. What do you think can be done to ensure a more efficient use of resources?


We can create a better waste management system.


It is important to raise social awareness in waste management.

What do you think?

Renewable Energy

The Future City should be self-sufficient in generating clean, renewable, reliable and affordable energy.

Current Issue

A city that relies on 100% renewable energy is just a far-fetched dream, not a reality.


Use renewable source of energy generation such as solar panels, etc.


We should provide incentives for the use of renewable energy.

What do you think?

Clean Air and Water

The Future City should have access to clean air and water.

Current Issue

Complete access to clean air and water is impossible in this day and age due to emissions arising from urban development.


People should observe mindful consumption of water.


We should implement the greywater recycle and reuse system.

What do you think?


Every individual of the Future City should coexist with, as well as conserve and preserve the existing biodiversity.

Current Issue

Our current lifestyle is imposing threats and causing damage to the environment and other living organisms. These issues are not being addressed at the rate at which the damages are caused.


Habitat restoration.

What do you think?