Circular Economy

The Future City should use resource obtained from the natural environment efficiently and to subsequently reuse the remains as raw material for the manufacturing process

Current Issue

Many people are ill-informed about how to utilise resource efficiently. What do you think can be done to ensure a more efficient use of resources?


We can create a better waste management system.


It is important to raise social awarness in waste management

What do you think?

Renewable Energy

The Future City should be self-suficient in generating clean, renewable, reliable and affordable energy.

Current Issue

A city that relies on 100% renewable energy is just a far-fetched dream, not a reality


Use renewable source of energy generation such as solar panels, etc.


We Should provide incentives for the use of renewable energy

What do you think?

Clean Air and Water

The Future City should have access to clean air and water.

Current Issue

Complete access to clean air and water is impossible in this day and age due to emissions arising from urban development.


People should have mindful consumption pattern of water


We should implement the greywater recycle and reuse system

What do you think?


Every individual of the Future City should coexist with, as well as conserve and preserve the existing biodiversity.

Current Issue

Our current lifestyle is imposing threats and causing damage to environment and other living organism. These issues are not being addressed at the rate at which the damages are caused.


Habitat restoration

What do you think?


A Future City should be facilitate a sustainable yet comfortable lifestyle without compromising our psychological and physical wellbeing.

Current Issue

There is and increasing demand for homeownership, which in turn, has drastically driven up the cost owning homes. While physical comfort is often associated with owning a personal living space, we must consider the psychological stress that chould be triggered by financial debt from homeownership.


We should utilize innovatie technologies and cost-effective construction methods.


I think we can pay weekly rent instead of hefty mortgage loans

What do you think?


A Future City should be conducive to social bonding and interaction that can lead to meaningful relationship.

Current Issue

How many of us have socialised with our neighbours? Have you involved yourself in community events in your neighbourhood? The truth is, in this fast-moving world, we are just too busy and lack opportunities for interaction.


People should have mindful consumption pattern of water

What do you think?


The Future City should provide every with access to basic amenities such as food, and quality.

Current Issue

What do you think can be done to achieve a quality transportation system?


Building walkable communities which have amenities within walking distance.


Great vehicles such as electric cars, alternative fuel vehicles.

What do you think?

Healthy Economy

The Future City should have a healthy economy that enables us to generate profit to make society and the environment.

Current Issue

The current economic and political systems are not encouraging environmental conservation.

Chia Chien

Maybe we can provide financial aid to sustainable initiatives


Reduce energy expenses

What do you think?

Sustainable Management

The Future City should have a standardised performance system between the finance function and sustainability of an organisation.

Current Issue

Organisations prioritise financial aspect rather than sustainability due to the likelihood of experiencing a loss and uncertainty of a profit, which are usually experienced only in the long term.


How about shared living space such as living room communal kitchens.

What do you think?